Current Programs


The Thornhill Rites of Passage Foundation offers programs that provide a continuum for young men in grades 7-11 to gain core skills and experiences based on the Core4 (Character, Competence, Competitiveness and Character), including mentoring and a paid internship in their field of interest.

The HūMan Rites Of Passage Program (HūROP) is a twelve-month curriculum that targets 7th grade Black boys, and supports them through a set of monthly experiential sessions based on a holistic curriculum, engaged mentorship, outcome-focused initiatives, and heritage as a catalyst.  The program culminates with a closing ceremony where the young men deliver a public speech in multiple languages and the fathers decree a blessing over their son. 

The HūMan Leadership Institute (HLI) is offered to alumni of HūROP as well as all young men in grades 8-9.  Building upon the Core4, young men join a brotherhood and build skills in wellness, money management, legal and civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and college preparedness, during four sessions annually between October and May.

The Core  4


The mental and moral qualities that make you the distinctive person you are; the inner quality that shows on the outer actions.


Possession of a strong desire to be more successful than others; the quality of being better than others of comparable nature


Possessing the necessary ability, knowledge or skills to do something successfully


Possessing the legal status or position to inhabit a particular country or domain

Results of Program

  • Demonstrated growth with each participant over the year - a better knowledge of self, stronger bonds with other boys of color, and increased academic success:

  • Every young man doubled their investment of $250 generating new ideas and business enterprises.

  • Every young man has an activity resume, cover letter and interviewing skills

  • Young men introduced to over 30 professional men who become their mentors

  • Every young man has improved academically and on track to college

  • The Cohort organized and executed Community Service Project 

  • Every young man delivers speech at culminating ceremony in multiple languages