Board of Directors

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Wayne Thornhill

Wayne L. Thornhill, Esquire is the CEO of the Thornhill Rites of Passage Foundation.  An attorney by training, he is an accomplished leader leveraging 25 years of legal, housing, strategic thinking and financial services experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  With advanced degrees in business, law, and theology, he attended Harvard Law, and is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, University of Baltimore School of Law, Litigation fellow, and Virginia Union University Proctor School of Theology.  He is the father of two sons who are 2017 and 2019 HūROP graduates.


Troy Keen

Troy Keen is the Managing Director, Wells Fargo Corporate and Investment Banking.  He serves on numerous boards among them, Chair of Urban League Board and the Men's Shelter of Charlotte.  He is a graduate of William and Mary University and holds an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill.   Troy has been a strong supporter of HūROP since it's inception, teaching the "Money Matters" sessions and leveraging his vast network to organize the college tour.  His son is a 2019 graduate of HūROP.


Stratos Lambos

Stratos Lambos Managing Partner of Xenia Hospitality, and owner of Big View Diner and Ilios Noche fine dining restaurant.  Leveraging the Puerto Rican and Greek cuisine, he is a graduate of Florida Culinary University.  He has been a strong supporter of HūROP from it's inception, not only sponsoring the Etiquette Session, but serving as a mentor to several of the young men.


Mike Walker

Mike Walker is a retired fighter pilot and graduate of the Air Force Academy. He is also a managing partner of TWC Capital Group specializing in boutique financing and merger acquisition due diligence.  Mike has been a strong supporter of the HūROP serving as a business advisor for the program and a panelist during the CEO Forum.  He is the proud father of two 2019 HūROP graduates.


Valerie Miller


Valerie Miller Williams is a licensed psychotherapist, strategist and coach with 20 years of corporate experience leading communications strategies for Fortune 40 organizations. She provides coaching and consulting on organizational (company), professional (work) and personal (life) matters.  

As a therapist, she runs a private practice supporting individuals, couples and families with strategies to navigate life with purpose and intentionality.